School Transport Cuts

School Transport Cuts

I have heard people say ‘but why can’t the parents just take them?’

To parents of children affected by these cuts this is a slap in the face. A total disregard and complete lack of understanding of the issues faced in getting their child to school. The vast majority of young people without disabilities travel independently to school by walking or by bus. We would love and give anything for our disabled children to do the same. However, this will never happen for them.

Our children are vulnerable and will never travel anywhere on their own. Not to the corner shop down the road or even a neighbour next door. Our most disabled children are in wheelchairs that have to be pushed by an attendant as they lack the mental capacity or the physical ability to operate a powered wheelchair. Others have very high anxiety and cannot travel in a vehicle with other students. Some have very challenging behaviour and passengers on public transport would not be safe. Some have serious medical issues and need close supervision by an attendant. Even those that have the understanding to have independent travel training could have a melt down if the unexpected happens with huge safety risks to them and those around them.

Our children deserve to travel to school independently from their parents just as non disabled children do. It’s disability discrimination not to give them the special transport they need to do so.

Caring for a disabled child is bloody hard work and life is very complicated. Parents are already pushed to the very edge with trying to cope. So don’t dismiss all that by just thinking that they can easily take their child to school.

They can’t!


Family Fun Session

They are back again…..FACE have organised some family play sessions for 0 – 25 years for children with SEN/disability in order for you to come and meet us while having a bit of family fun at Bloxwich Active Living Centre,High St, Walsall WS3 2DA

The next session is 16.00-18.00 on:

Saturday 10 November

Activities will need to be pre-booked – no booking no admittance

**Sports Hall Activities with Bouncy Castle and Trikes (0 – 25 years)**

**Gym Session with instructor (11 – 25 years) **

**Pool Session with Inflatables (the pool is exclusive for FACE use and is available 4.30pm – 5.30pm) (0 – 25 years)** – Under 8’s must have one to one supervision

Please return the FACE Family Fun Sessions form (click on link) via email to to book


Home to School Transport

So 8th January saw the start of a new contract with Walsall Local Authority ( LA ) to provide home to school transport to our children

It has been quite an ” eventful ” few weeks and has been a little bit of a challenge for our families where routine has changed and we all know when you have a child with special needs how much a routine change can affect everyone!!

Please let FACE know how you have been getting on with Transport.  We are meeting up with Councillor Aftab Nawaz next Tues along with Transport to discuss the issues that we as parents have been faces.

We want to hear what has happened to you, good and not so good so we can share it, if something is working we need to share this too so hopefully it can work for others that it’s not so good at working

email us on

How do Walsall Council communicate with you?

Monday 10th July FACE Walsall will be holding a consultation with parents of children and young people ( 0 – 25 ) with SEN and disabilities about how Walsall Council communicates with us

This will take place between 10am – 12pm at Healthwatch Walsall
Bridge House
47 Bridge Street

( it’s on the second floor where the courts are and the old co-op building for those f you who remember it )

Please come along so we can get your views and make sure that all parents are consulted regarding issues with their child and young person with SEN and disabilities as sadly there still seems a communication breakdown between the two parties and we want to make sure our views are heard to make it better in future